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Lifetime Employee Communication & Engagement Evangelist
Creator Of The WOWW! Personalisation Test - I Am The Loose Cannon!


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Kevin Says: I am'The Loose Cannon!' I'm Yellow Squiggle Triangle Red and I'm a 'Fast' Thinker! Add to this Dyslexia, plus ADHD and Meares/Irlens or Visual Stress Syndrome and you get a passionate innovator - determined to make a better WOWW! World of Work & Wellbeing - for every age, ability and aptitude!

What are you? So we can CONNECT!? Find out on my WOWW! Personalisation & Learning Style Test - like thousands of others along my own Way Of Work & Wellbeing.

5 Ways To Wellbeing poster
5 Ways To Wellbeing Programme

To CONNECT is way more than just to communicate. Why? To CONNECT is the No.1 Way Of Work & Wellbeing - That's why I now know it's a WOWW! that EVERY type of communication is either a WELLBEING issue - or it really is an ILL-HEALTH and UN-WELLBEING issue if we DON'T CONNECT - at work, with colleagues, and with customers, and in the community, and just as much at home.

This is my Mission & Passion - to create a culture and climate change I call the Ways Of Work & Wellbeing - a WOWW! business.

Hi! From My MEmoji Too!  That's Apple MEmoji - like our Samsung AR characters, helping us to CONNECT with SEN-D kids and adults, mentors and minders in all our Programmes. Everything is designed to be Personalised to help Special Educational Needs, Disabilities and Difficulties - and that means for everyone else too!

Our Programmes are Powered by Samsung AR Augmented Reality Memojis and our own Quizualize Visual Survey Platform. Designed with YOU in mind!

Imagine If...

Imagine if you could - in just 60 Seconds! 1. Combine the power of Carl Jung's Personality Profile of Extroverts & Introverts, made famous and run across the world in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI (Kevin is MBTI Qualified) 2. Also combine this with a Kiersey 'Temperaments' style segmentation of the 16 Personality Types and Traits into just 4 fun types - the 4D's - that everyone can relate to 3. Use the awesome visual communication style of the colours and designs to communicate, attract, market and reach audiences everywhere, in every language 5. Be able to further add a critical understanding of 'Smile and Stress' based buying and often life changing choices we make based on our intuition with Daniel Kahneman's Nobel Prize 'Fast & Slow Thinking'.

The 4 D's
The 4 D's!

Now add 6. A light touch of simple, easy Colour Coding Personality choices and language like Edward DeBono's 'Six Thinking Hats' and the fun Luscher Color Test plus 7.  A Design-Based Learning Style using 4 key Shapes with a selection like Psycho-Geometrics. 8. Use ALL of this to create a fun, fast, simple, easy, colourful, user-friendly language that lets you CONNECT - with others - INSTANTLY! That's the WOWW! Test!

It's a complete guide to making the utmost of WOWW! The 5 Ways Of Work & Wellbeing. At work, at home and in the community.

Tried and tested over 30 Years

Tried and tested over 30 years - in global organisations, in Apple and Android apps, training workshops, financial personality profiling' and run to great acclaim in speaking engagement across the world: Featured in Kevin's first book 'The Employee Revolution' in 1990, plus Passion At Work 1998, The Company Culture Cookbook 2001.

5 Ways YouGov Scores
5 Ways YouGov Scores

And now adapted to build on the global Evidence Based research UK Govt. Office for Science Foresight Project/nef programme 5 Ways to Wellbeing + our WOWW! YouGov UK National Engagement Scores in Wellbeing Benchmarks.

The WOWW! Test & The '7 COLOURS Of ME!'  

The WOWW! Test is a core part of our '7 COLOURS Of ME!' - The WOWW! Ways Of Work & Wellbeing Programmes

We start all our Programmes with the No.1 Way Of Work & Wellbeing - To CONNECT. Then we build all the 5 Ways into complete programmes around the way we CONNECT - with ourselves and others.

  1. Red ME! - Me & Everyone I Know, Meet & Love in my Life! Learning to CONNECT and how to engage through The 5 Ways Of Work & Wellbeing
  2. Orange ME! - Motivation & Engagement - Customers, Colleagues, Sales, Service and all those in my Work Life! 
  3. Yellow ME! - Management & Employees -  Talking In Teams, Talking About Tasks, Talking to Lead, Just Talking, Texting by Translating into 'your' personality language - not mine!
  4. Green ME! - Money Education - Putting The Fun In - Taking The Fear Ot - Of Money For Life!
  5. Blue ME! - Music Education - Making The 20/80 Rule Work For 100% - "Get it right for the 20% with |SEN-Difficulties & Disabilities and WOWW! you REALLY get it right for the 80% = Everybody who can and wants to play music.
  6. Indigo (Pink!) ME! - Mindfulness & Energy - How to build 'Take Notice' into the way to live life and the 5 Ways Of Work & Wellbeing
  7. Violet ME! - Mentoring & Empathy - Helping everyone to know themselves to help themselves to know and help others. 

My Books and Life's Work.... Helping Customers, Colleagues, Carers & Community To CONNECT!

ME @ Work! - Founder: The Marketing & Communication Agency MCA (Sold to WPP) - The WOWW! Business - Inspire Me Academy; Past President IABC UK; Global Board IABC. International Speaker. Author: The Employee Revolution, Managing Your Internal Customer, Passion At Work, Emotional Capital, The Company Culture Cookbook. Hon. Prof. Birmingham University. Gold Quills Winner. Oh! and Action Man Toy of the Decade Award Winner and Music & Drama Expo Olympia 2019 launch of The Emoji School Of Music - Another part of my story of SEN-D learning difficulties - my own and helping others!

Welcome to my life's work and passion AND My Lifetime Career's Biggest 'Aha!'

Let me start with the biggest ever 'Aha! Moment' in my life's work in marketing and employee communication. It happened when first reading the UK Government Office for Science '5 Ways to Wellbeing'. The No. 1 Way of Wellbeing is to CONNECT! That means that EVERY form of communication that 'engages' us and enables us to CONNECT - with our own thoughts and emotions, with others and with everything we do and say at work is a WELLBEING issue.

The NEF Score - With Introduction From Adam Afriyie MP Chair of The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

So, the internal communication business is a wellbeing business! That makes the job of 'employee communication' far more serious and important than I had ever imagined! And CRITICAL not just for every employee's personal health and wellbeing - but for the organisational health, wellbeing and PRODUCTIVITY and PERFORMANCE - asa well as a commitment to deep 'values' of valuing every employee.

From my very own deep personal experience I knew it was time to tackle the 'Elephant in the workplace and room at home - stress'. It's big enough in a 'connected' world of multiple channels and messages but it's in every workplace and too many homes - and at every level of income. It comes form three core sources - stress at work, personal stress and financial stress - which we bring all three to work.

According to our Money Mentor Club YouGov UK NET Scores - National Engagement Totals in Finance The NEF Score and The National Engagement Totals in Wellbeing we are all bringing what we call Un-Wellbeing to work. 

We found that it's hiding in plain sight. Employee DIS-ENGAGEMENT? Why? Through Financial STRESS, Financial Ill-HEALTH and Financial Un-WELLBEING. I know. Having come through the worst of Emotional and Mental Health issues - this is one of my two major passions. Health, Wellbeing and Happiness through Money Mastery (and Music Education! - see later). So we set ourselves the task of finding out where the 'stress' is with Financial Wellbeing against the '5 Ways to Wellbeing'. Then we benchmarked that with Personal Wellbeing. then built the third 'Stress Test' for 'Organisational Wellbeing. We then built a survey platform that lets us do all the types of tests we need to help people overcome Financial Health and Wellbeing issues - we call it Quizualize.

The Money Master - Chris Masters knows too, as my Co-Founder of The Money Mentor Club and the Quizualize Platform where we have developed the world's first Visual Financial Personality Indicators based on Jung, Myers Briggs and (critically) Daniel Khanemans' Fast and Slow Thinking. Chris is one of the first ISO 22222 Accredited IFA Companies on which we have built The Seven Colours of Money - Financial Health Check. It's 'Powered By Quizualize'.

Does everybody need Financial Health and Wellbeing Education - Even the 'well off'?

Just the other day he was 'taking finances' with a successful but bipolar and debt ridden potential client. And we know it from all our beta development work with Optum -a world leading Employee Assistance organisation and surveys like IES Institute for Employment Studies. Let's simply call it Financial UN-WELLBEING. And help-lines are too late an answer.

So - what's the answer? Our Mission says it - Putting the fun in and taking the fear out of finance - for life.

As more UK stress grows and our YouGov UK Benchmark National Engagement in Financial Wellbeing shows - a new approach to Financial Wellbeing at work is (long) over due. I'm delighted to have been working and developing the WOWW! ME concept - and new FinTech WOWWebsite and Quizualize - The Visual Survey Platform - with Chris Masters. 

1.Now you can truly ‘Employee Benefit’ them with the Self Help Ability to create Financial Health, Wellbeing and WOWWays of Thinking and Talking Finances. How? By being able to deal with Money, Financial Planning and building towards home ownership, retirement and fulfilling inspiring Wish-lists.

2.Now you can purposefully ‘Employee Assist’ them before they get into difficulties and bring their (hidden) financial stress, problems and worries to work and need – but may be afraid to ask for - help.

3.Now you can fully engage them with an ‘Employee Communication’ approach that tackles the ‘elephant too often in the room’ – the hidden employee de-motivation they bring to work but nobody talks about – FINANCIAL UN-WELLBEING!

Let's Face The Music!

Music Education is COLLAPSING - And that doesn't include Music and Education Learning SEN-D Difficulties - which never got going - ever!

This is me - I had to do something about it! With a life of innovation - breaking the mold and rising from the ashes of financial and personal Un-Wellbeing undeterred - but wiser! Author - Business and Personal Communication Books (FT/Pearson Education & Wilye/Capstone) international Speaker, Hon. Prof. Birmingham University -  IABC Global Board 2001 -Palitoy Action Man Toy of Decade Award Winner -  New York Film Festival Video Award with MCA Live - The British Airways BA Putting People First Programme….....AND DYSLEXIC with Meares Irlens Syndrome.....I CAN'T READ MUSIC NOTES - THEY 'JIGGLE' UP AND DOWN!

A lifetime of music learning frustration and inability to gain from what I now know are the incredible benefits of Music. Next is the rest my story of disruptive, innovative, learning difficulty driven take on marketing and communication with my own learning difficulties and dyslexia applied to the '7 COLOURS Of ME!'

Kevin M Thomson